Church Ladies & AOL Uncles

The church ladies are restless.

I’m sure this has something to do with NBC’s silly decision to edit out the words “under God” from an airing of the pledge of allegiance during a golf tournament last week. Reaction on the right was immediate and harsh, and now the AOL uncles are forwarding shit like […]


Air-Minded: Eyes in the Sky

Air-minded. Wow. There’s a phrase I haven’t heard since I was an air-minded kid. I ran into it again this morning in an online article at The Awl.

“Are You Airminded?” The Slang Of War

“Airmindedness” is a term that used to be everywhere and now it’s nowhere. The word, as defined […]


Paul’s DVD Reviews

“We didn’t have to look into your souls, we had to see if you had souls at all.” — Charlotte Rampling as Miss Emily in Never Let Me Go

Oceans (2009) If you can get past the 20-minute block of Disney advertising and previews at the start of the DVD, you’ll be glad you rented […]


Saturday Morning in Tucson (updated)

Up and at ’em early this morning, pumping tires and strapping bikes to the back of the car. Donna, Quentin, and I met our friend Mary Anne and her granddaughter Jade at Brandi Fenton Park for a short ride up and down the Rillito bikeway. Q-Dawg held up pretty well, heat and all, and we […]


Friday Grandson Blogging

Our grandson is here. We’ll have him to ourselves for a few days. His father will be here later next week and both of them will stay with us through the 4th of July. No daughter-in-law or granddaughter, though — Beth and Taylor are on the softball circuit in California Colorado, and when Greg and […]


Deep Thoughts on the Dunn/Ebert Kerfuffle


Wednesdays Are Clarification Days

Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona

Heading out to the air museum in an hour or so. I’m scheduled to lead two tours this morning, finishing up around lunch time. Most of yesterday was spent boning up on the history of the aircraft I’ll be talking about today, adding a few tidbits to […]


Hot Times in the Old Town Tonight

From the Things that Are Hard to Understand files:

You are not allowed to set off fireworks in Tucson, Arizona. Not even sparklers. Yet every summer the city council allows fireworks vendors to set up tents on parking lots all over town.

As I write, with the 4th of July less than a fortnight away, […]