In Training

We started on longer rides this morning, getting ready for our 35-mile ride in El Tour de Tucson on November 22nd, so we’re officially in training. This morning we hit the Rillito River bike trail, riding from one end to the other and back again, a total of 25 miles.

Start/Finish, near the Rillito […]



When I told my son I wasn’t going to vote for John McCain, he said, “But he was a fighter pilot. And a POW!” Meaning, I suppose, that McCain just has to be my kind of candidate.

I understand the fighter pilot part. Indeed, my ideal candidate would have served in the military. If he […]


The Text Message

Yup, I got one. From my good Facebook friend Barry Obama. I knew, before almost anyone else, that he had picked Joe Biden as his running mate. Because, you see, I’m an FOB. Or should that be FFOB?

I don’t want to jinx the deal by talking about it, but I’ll share this with you […]


Hiking Sabino Canyon

Starting up Sabino Canyon

We decided skip our weekly bicycle ride this morning and go hiking instead. Sabino Canyon, if you take the paved trail in and out, is sort of a hybrid hike . . . it’s good exercise but not killer exercise. We figured it’d be an easy stroll, about four miles […]


Friday Night Dachshund Blogging

Schatzi with her stuff

Ain't nobody gonna be takin' her stuff

Update (10 Aug 08): I don’t happen to have any photos of Schatzi being athletic. One would think, looking at the photos I have posted, that she has a sedentary nature. Not so . . . I’ll work on getting some action […]


Any Questions, Kim?

Well. Say what you will about the Olympics, the Chinese sure put on an opening ceremony. For a moment there, I almost understood how a people might willingly, even happily, surrender their individuality to the grand goals of a powerful state.

At the same time, though, I couldn’t help thinking about the North Koreans and […]


Mentioning Mexico in Hannityland

A Canadian rider posts a query to an American Goldwing riders message board:

I’m planning to tour central and southern Mexico this fall. Would like to hear from anyone who has motorcycling experience in Mexico. I’ll be starting from Toronto, Canada and will be inside Mexico 3 or 4 weeks. Any suggestions?

Some […]


The Anthrax Assassin

We are meant to think, apparently, that Bruce Ivins, the civilian US Army scientist who committed suicide after becoming the FBI’s main suspect in the 2001 anthrax killings, was guilty. He was an insider, he had access to anthrax, he was brilliant but troubled, he had a long history of making homicidal threats, he exhibited […]