Sloth and Gluttony

Thanksgiving. Yeah, it was almost like that. Except Donna and I aren’t that old (oh my God, are we?), and our guests weren’t flashing pod people grins.

Our kids and grandkids were here, along with a few friends. Donna borrowed tables and chairs and we were all able to sit down together for soup, […]


Photo Update

I finished a roll at last and added photos to two entries, A Great Bicycling Weekend and I Can See Clearly Now. Click on the links, or just scroll down.


Paul’s Pasta

This is an original Paul Woodford recipe, and it’s the first time I’ve written it down. If you’re still hungry after trying this, check out my hash cookbook for more recipes.

This is a simple pasta dish that’s easy to make with around-the-house ingredients (well, our house anyway). Don’t be squeamish about the anchovies . […]


One-Click Danger Zone

Savvy on-line shoppers probably know all about Amazon’s one-click ordering. If you fall into the slightly-less-than-savvy category, like me, let me warn you: one-click ordering means exactly what it says.

I was about to go to the store to buy a Christmas present for my son and his family. Donna suggested I buy on-line instead: […]


A Great Bicycling Weekend, Marred by a Bad Spill

I predicted it would be a lost weekend, and so it was. I rode in a competitive event yesterday . . . although, to be sure, in a less than competitive manner . . . then rode again this morning, just for fun, with some hashing friends. Sore and tired? You bet. But it’s a […]


El Tour Jitters & Big TVs

I have to retract an earlier remark: I’m no longer the only member of my cycling group to sign up for El Tour de Tucson . . . my friend Darrell’s joining me for the 35-mile event tomorrow. Good, now there’s two of us who won’t get any sleep tonight!

Why am I freaking over […]


I Can See Clearly Now

I spent the morning in Ed’s garage, installing a new windscreen on my Honda Goldwing.

Ed at work on my bike

From the day I bought the Goldwing there’s been a problem with the windscreen adjustment mechanism, which is supposed to hold it in the raised position. It never worked right: even on a […]



This is interesting. National Public Radio interviews a waitress who served Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff at an Iowa restaurant. The waitress says she didn’t get a tip, and NPR, without checking with the Clinton campaign, airs the accusation. Clinton’s people rebut the accusation, showing a credit card receipt for the restaurant tab and […]