Getting at the Truth

I thought I was reasonably on top of the Scooter Libby trial story. But Nicholas Lemann of The New Yorker threw me with this, in his most recent Talk of the Town commentary:

What’s ultimately behind Libby’s trial is the Administration’s obsession with finding hard evidence for what it already believes. President Bush is often […]



Oh. My. God.

If this music video doesn’t make you squirm, you are not of this Earth. As Teresa at Making Light describes it, “. . . from the very start it’s terrible beyond human reckoning. After that, it steadily gets worse.” This sentence alone should draw you in: “Behold the mustache on the keyboard […]


Snowed In

It snows in Tucson about once every two years, usually in late January or early February. So yesterday’s snow was right on schedule.

Snow in Tucson

Little did I know, when I took this photo from our front door, that less than an inch of snow would shut Tucson down. My […]


Driving While Poor (Part I)

Last night I’m driving home when a Tucson cop welds himself to my rear bumper and blinds me by shining his spotlight right into my rear view mirror. He holds the light there for several seconds, then speeds past me on the right. I’m trying to think what I’ve done wrong but coming up blank […]


Is it Just Me . . .

. . . or does anyone else see this coming?

Even I, a peacenik from way back, have to admit: we can’t leave Iraq. Ever. No matter how bad it gets. So the Iraqis turn out to be unredeemably venal and corrupt, a nation of murderers bent on ethnically cleansing themselves out of existence. So […]



I love the internets:

There’s more, here. Go enjoy the goodness.


Down, Black Hawk, Down!

Ever since Ethiopian forces went into Somalia, and more so since this week’s US AC-130 gunship attack on what is said to have been a Somalian Al Qaeda encampment, news commentators and reporters have been talking about Black Hawk Down. As in: “US forces strike Somalia again, more than 13 years after Black Hawk Down.”



Casting Pearls Before Swine (Part I)

I subscribe to a Honda Goldwing owners’ message board. Too frequently for comfort, members post messages that make you suspect that after they park their bikes for the night, they hang up their leathers and put on white robes. Like this guy, who wrote today:

President signs E.O. for illegals to get FULL S.S.

If […]