D is for Dearth

Leaving for a few days, blogging dearth to ensue. See ya next week.


Photoblogging Thanksgiving Dinner

The menu: smoked turkey (with dressing, gravy, and cranberry sauce), standing beef rib roast, mashed potatoes, salad, mustard greens, bread pudding, pumpkin pie. All home made, of course. Our daughter Polly is here, and Dee and Darrell, friends, are coming over to eat with us.

Donna & Polly in the kitchen

Our friend […]


Fall Colors

I have a weblog and a digital camera. You’d think there’d be more photos here, wouldn’t you? Okay, I’ll try harder. I really will.

The first one is overdue. Our son and his family were here for Hallowe’en, and we carved jack-o’-lanterns together. This is our grandaughter Taylor and her dad working on their pumpkins:



Fixing What’s Broke (Part I)

Woo-hoo, the Arizona no smoking proposition passed (the real one, not the one sponsored by R. J. Reynolds). I can hang around in bars again!

As for the election in general, I, for one, welcome our new congressional overlords. Try not to screw up, okay? And while you’re at it, try not to screw us […]


Vote Early, Vote Often

When you have company it’s hard to make time for peripheral activities like blogging. But we did take time to fill out our ballots and mail them in, allowing us to smugly state: we voted.

Control of congress will go to the party with the most energized voters. We’re energized. We hope you are too. […]