My Last Motorcycle Accident

Going down . . . but not in a good way.

My last motorcycle accident was typical in that it happened within five miles of home and involved a cager (car driver) turning left. You try to anticipate cagers turning left into your path, but this one came out of nowhere.

I was riding west […]


Chili Cookin’ Sunday

Who cares if it’s 100°F outside? It’s chili day!

Donna and I work Monday through Friday. We take turns cooking easy meals on weeknights. Saturdays we go hashing, then eat out after the trail. Sundays I play in the kitchen, usually preparing a one-dish meal for the evening, perhaps a pot of sauce or stew, […]


The Olympian Muse

When I lived in Glasgow, Montana, there were two towns on the road to Great Falls, Havre and Chauteau. Pronouncing them correctly marked you as an outsider, pitiful and beneath contempt. Havre was “Haver” and Chauteau “Shotto.”

Watching the Olympics, I can’t help thinking of Melpomene Road in Tucson, locally pronounced “Mel-po-mean.” Of course it’s […]


Banned in Riyadh

My friend Baldrick, an English expat working in Saudi Arabia, informs me that my other sites, the Half-Mind Weblog and Half-Mind Catalog, are officially blocked by the Ministry of Information. He and I wondered why.

Banned CD jacket

Then, tonight, he told me about another blocked link, this one to the CD cover you […]


How Terrorism Alerts Really Work

The answer: you’ll never be told . . .

Read this: Despite 2 Terror Tapes, No Alert Issued on Vegas, Memos Show.

Remember the mayor in Jaws? The one who didn’t want tourists to hear about nasty old sharks? The unfortunate thing about stereotypes is that they’re so often true. The United States is just […]


The Partisan Bias Test

Is your bias showing?

Kevin Connors at Sgt. Stryker’s weblog doesn’t approve of John Kerry’s sense of humor. One day last week, while Kerry and Bush were making campaign speeches in Davenport, Iowa, a robber hit three local banks. John Kerry allegedly responded to the news by remarking that both he and the president had […]


The Quiet Lives of the Middle Classes

Is this typical of a small office? I bet it is . . .

I manage a division of 14 people who range in age from 26 to 50. Most are in their 30s. They’re educated, bright, white collar workers: courseware and curriculum designers, graphic artists, computer programmers. Slightly more than half are married, and […]