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Improving Crouton’s Kitchen

This morning I, Crouton, finally finished adding a line of code to the recipes on this blog. I don’t know about you, but when I look up online recipes I like to cut & paste the important bits … the list of ingredients and cooking instructions … into a text document and print it. I take the printout to the kitchen and refer to while I work. Much better than calling up recipes on a smart phone or tablet, I’ve found, because printed recipes don’t go blank after 30 seconds and force you to log back on every time you want to look at them again.

Here at Crouton’s Kitchen, you’ll now see a print command on every recipe. Using it will allow you print the ingredients and instructions, leaving out nonessential verbiage and photos, saving you reams of printer paper and ink.

I’m also highlighting non-recipe cooking and photo posts by indexing the better ones. Just click on Cookblogging, here or on the menu bar at the top of the blog, to see the list. It’s a work in progress.

Enjoy your stay in Crouton’s Kitchen!


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