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The deMenthe Family Thanksgiving

Pesce deMenthe with the spread (Nice lighting, eh? Reubens, eat your heart out!)

The deMenthe family Thanksgiving spread included traditional roast turkey, smoked duck, stuffing, hot crescent rolls, corn casserole and tossed green salad (courtesy of our friend Poulet en Crote), green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, and of course cranberry sauce.

Ditalini and I were joined by our daughter Escargot, son Baguette, daughter in law Truffle, granddaughter Biscotto, grandson Pesce, and good friends Poulet en Crote, Bock Wurst, and Remoulade Sausee.

A word about smoking duck:

I didn’t do anything to the ducks other than to pierce the skin in a few places (no brining, no rub), then place them on a V-shaped rack with their bottoms angled down so the fat could drain away during smoking.  I set up the Fortress of Smoke™ in the normal way, using mesquite.  The ducks were done in about five hours, and were delicious.

What to do with the leftovers?  I’m thinking scalloped potatoes, in place of leftover ham.

Click thumbnails to enlarge:

The Fortress of Smoke™ in operation

Mesquite-smoked ducks

Party in the kitchen

Family & friends at dinner


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