It’s a FAKE!!! (Part II)

A little while back I posted about the “fake” Seiko I wanted to un-fake with a new dial.

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Those are the before and after photos of the watch. On the left, the non-running watch I sent to a restoration shop in California to have rebuilt. On the right, the rebuilt watch, which I proudly wore for a year before noticing they’d replaced the original dial with an inauthentic knockoff.

A friend who’d previously worked on another of my watches said if I could get a new dial and hands he’d replace them. I shopped around and found aftermarket parts that while not original at least are correct. I UPS’d the watch and parts to my friend, who last night texted to say he can’t fix it after all. The problem he ran into is a complicated one … the long and short of it is the watch currently has no hands. We talked it over and decided the best course is to ship it back to me. I’ll take it to a local watch repair shop to see if they’ll work on it, and go from there.

I was once told this old watch (bought in 1978) wasn’t worth what it would cost to fix. I have a good amount of money invested in it now and don’t want to spend much more. If it turns out it’ll be super-expensive to finish the job, I might just put it back in the dresser drawer and forget it.

Patience. One step at a time. It’s all vanity anyway, am I right?

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