Pinkos Dare to Deem

National Public Radio lets the mask slip:

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The exact quote, from the linked NPR article:

On Wednesday, during what the American Library Association has deemed Banned Books Week, more than a dozen best-selling authors … said they are uniting to take a stand against censorship in the state’s schools and libraries.

Get that? The American Library Association has deemed this Banned Books Week. In past years, NPR would simply have said it’s Banned Books Week. All of a sudden, it’s the so-called Banned Books Week. So-called because those pinkos at the ALA deem it so.

This goes beyond bothsiderism and into pushing-right-wing-talking-points territory, given MAGA-world’s unrelenting bad-mouthing of the ALA, and its success, in certain red states, in forcing school and public libraries, even individual librarians, to part ways with the organization established to protect them from book banning and other forms of right-wing attack.

I don’t say NPR stands for Nice Polite Republicans just to be mean. And don’t even get me started on the rest of the mainstream media.

Speaking of Banned Books Week, I stopped at the Kirk-Bear Canyon Public Library yesterday to pick up a novel they were holding for me. Thought I’d check out their BBW display since I was there, but guess what? There was nothing. Nada. Zip. And I have to say I’m surprised. Sure, Arizona’s a red state, but Tucson’s a college town and our public libraries have always supported progressive causes. I mean, later that same day I got an email from the library listing upcoming LGBTQ Pride events. So why no banned book display? I’m honestly stumped.

From my post of September 24th:

I’m buying a new watch for my birthday, which comes around on Halloween. This time around I’m going Chinese (although it’ll have a Japanese Seiko movement) and if that’s not daring enough I’m buying it from the factory in China, so I plan to order in early October, hoping it’ll arrive by the end of the month. I asked around in the watch forums I belong to, and no one had a bad word to say about the brand, the specific watch I want, or the experience of dealing with the factory in China, but you never know. More on that later … I don’t want to jinx things talking about it now. Naming calls, as the old superstition has it.

Things changed. The other watch I had on my Amazon wish list was a Japanese Seiko, more expensive than the Chinese watch. A few hours after I wrote that post, Donna said she’d feel more comfortable with me buying a Seiko from Amazon than an off-brand watch from China, and after thinking about it I realized I’d rather have the Seiko. I have other Seikos and love them, and my experiences ordering from Amazon (which include returning a Timex watch that looked different in the flesh than it did online) have been nothing but positive. So I decided, come the second or third week of October, to order the Seiko from Amazon, confident it would arrive by the 31st.

The very next night I checked my Amazon wish list and discovered they’d added a line of red text to the Seiko watch entry: there were only two left in stock. In addition, they’d knocked $30 off the price. After running to Donna in a panic and getting her blessing, I went ahead and ordered it. It being Amazon, the watch arrived while it was still September.

IMG_7829And here it is. I don’t think I should unveil it until I can wear it, and that won’t be until the end of October. As long as you don’t tell Donna, I’ll confess to taking it out of the box. I’ve even had it on my wrist.

But there were good reasons. First, making sure everything worked, in case something didn’t and I had to send it back for a replacement. Everything works. Second, taking it to my favorite watch repair place to have the metal bracelet fitted. That’s done and it’s now ready to wear. But not until the big day. It’s back in the box, hidden in a dresser drawer to keep it out of sight and out of mind (as if).

Donna wants to hide it even better but I’m like, “What am I, five years old?” Besides, she’s starting to forget where she hides things. Me too, a little bit.

Deem on, cheese bags! More soon.

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