As mentioned in a previous post, our daughter Polly’s back with Amazon, this time as a work-from-home customer service agent. She’ll be assisting people with returns and exchanges. She was to start three weeks of online training yesterday, but couldn’t activate the laptop and two desktop PCs they supplied because the documentation didn’t include required passwords. She messaged, emailed, and called the training manager and the lady who recruited her multiple times yesterday … no one has answered, no one’s gotten back. It’s mid-morning Tuesday now and I don’t think anything’s changed. I share her frustration.

Another frustration: lying liars and the lies they tell. What set me off? This:

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 8.46.22 AM

I mean, “reader added context” is nice, but Fox Nation won’t read that far. They’ll see the top statement and photo, endorsed by Ted Cruz no less, and pass it on as gospel.

A comment criticized Ted Cruse of falling for right-wing misinformation. That set me off too. Cruz didn’t fall for anything. He knew it was a lie and helped spread it anyway. I think I know why.

Several years ago, a man I trained to fly and once respected posted a photo of drift fencing along the section of Interstate 8 that runs through the Imperial Sand Dunes, claiming it was “Obama’s border wall.”

You know what I mean by drift fencing, right? The kind meant to keep wind-blown snow from blocking highways in high plains states like Wyoming and Montana; in this case the same idea only for sand, I-8 being a major corridor. This fencing here:


What, you don’t see it? Not the barbed wire in the foreground; the low white slatted fence on the far side of the freeway, behind the passing SUV. You almost have to squint to make it out. Imagine zombie hoards of brown-skinned illegals swarming over the dunes. No way that flimsy fence is gonna hold ’em back! Thank god for Donald Trump! He’ll put an end to this nonsense!

My former trainee, like Ted Cruz and the lying liar who lied about the floodgates on the actual border wall, fancies himself an influencer. He knows he’s lying. He does it on purpose because he knows his audience will swallow it whole.

They’re not going to stop lying, these lying liars. It works for them, and that’s all that matters when you flunked Morality 101.

This is the current state of my watch collection:


I posted the photo to a couple of social media sites, jokingly commenting that I’d resisted getting a thirteenth watch because the display case holds only twelve, but then justified it because one is always in use — twelve in the box, one on the wrist, get it? And that I’m now contemplating adding one more. Because two wrists, amirite?

At least one reader took me literally, pointing out that I also have two ankles, so why not get three more watches? Reader, I could totally talk myself into that.

This, of course, is the logic of a recovering alcoholic about to fall off the wagon, telling himself it’ll be okay to have just one little drink or whatever and we all know how that story goes. I’m allowed to make cracks about alcoholics and alcoholism because been there, done that — good lord, when I think of the money I’ve spent on booze, buying another watch doesn’t seem indulgent at all.

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