Threats & Trespassers

7798169E-3EF3-47F3-8BE4-421DFE3B9736The GMT wristwatch I mentioned in a previous post was delivered a few days ago. Sadly, it arrived damaged — one of the hands was bent, jamming the works by preventing the other hands from moving. I wanted to send it back for a replacement, but it was the last one and Costo isn’t getting any more, so I had to settle for a refund.

On to Plan B: Amazon. I had to pay a bit more and it won’t come with the extra band, but them’s the shakes, and it’s not like I don’t have a few extra bands laying around.

Meanwhile, it’s snowing. California gets it Wednesday, we get it Thursday. Yea for the Sierra Nevada snowpack! The dogs take a dim view of it and won’t go outside, which means at some point today at least one of then will shit on the floor. Good thing we still have a few puppy pads on hand.

I didn’t manage to get an action photo of the Gang of Three on yesterday’s walk, but here they are afterward, keeping me company in the family room: Mister B in his doggy bed under the TV, Lulu on the end of the couch nearest my reading chair, Fritzi on the camel saddle where she can monitor the street for threats and trespassers.

IMG_5906 IMG_5903 IMG_5907

Speaking of the pups, the animal hospital called to tell us we can cut Fritzi and Lulu’s Fluconazole dosage in half. If their next blood test is as good as last week’s, we’ll be able to take them off the medication altogether and close the chapter on valley fever. Posting this in the W column!

In Tucson news: Planned Parenthood Arizona to Offer Vasectomies.

There isn’t the level of organized Republican right-wing christofascist opposition to men’s reproductive freedom that there is to women’s, but they don’t call ’em reactionaries for nothing and now that Planned Parenthood’s in the vasectomy game, there will be. And apparently a lot of men see it coming, because ever since the Supreme Court gutted Roe v. Wade, there’s been a run on vasectomies.

The New Yorker chronicles the end of the English major, “… sensitive and sweatered, moving from ‘Pale Fire’ to ‘The Fire Next Time’ and scaling the heights of ‘Ulysses’ for the view.”

TLDR: blah blah STEM blah money money get a job blah. We’ve heard it all before, and we’ll hear it all again. All I know is my BA and MA degrees in English served me well in my career, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Last I heard, my grandson Quentin had switched his major from mechanical engineering to English, so there’s life in the old sweatered and sensitive major yet.

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  • That Doberman black and tan coat color is right up there with basic red for good looks on a dachshund.
    I got the no more babies cut after my 2nd unplanned child- unplanned by me but she’s a catholic wife so… When you sever the vas deferens there’s a vast difference. Planned Parenthood paid for it back in 1985 so all my Combined Campaign charity donations went to them from then on. As often happens, it turned out the surprise kids were basically the only good part of the marriage.
    Same here with the Liberal Arts degrees, finest kind and also a great way to meet chicks. I got an AA in English at Sacramento City College and a BA in Theater and Film at famous audiovisual University Humboldt State, LOL, up there behind the Redwood Curtain. Didn’t hurt my database management career path with the State of California at all. The tech parts of most tech jobs are not that hard. It’s getting along with and dealing with your coworkers and suppliers and customers that is the hard part of working every day. It’s the soft skills that a liberal arts degree hones that help in the vicious cut and thrust of bureaucratic infighting that constitute corporate and governmental work competition and survival. No regrets for me either. And, I got laid in college so there’s that.
    Tod recently posted…Old Town Wahoo Sailing Canoe Project: UpdateMy Profile

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