Boomer on the Throne

You’re not going to catch me talking shit about Elizabeth. Or Charles. Way too much of that going on, all so predictable.

They keep telling us the British monarch can’t really change things, but anyone who’s watched The Crown knows better. I expect changes. Some of them may even be good ones.

Also, this: about damn time a fellow Boomer sat on the Iron Throne!

This weird political ad has been all over TV, at least here in Tucson. Or it was, up until Thursday. Now it’s vanished. Has it been pulled? Is it still running in other cities and states?

Some Catholic anti-abortion group’s behind it, but I also pick up QAnon vibes. I don’t recall hearing those JFK sound bites before, and part of me thinks they paid some latter-day Vaughn Meader to read the words with a Kennedy accent. I can vouch for the Biden sound bite, though. I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of the second Catholic president’s church-burning campaign from the beginning. Two churches in Bethesda? Hey, it’s a start! Hail Satan!

2 thoughts on “Boomer on the Throne

  • I’m with you on not dumping on that pretty nice girl the late queen. No matter how much it looks like a long-running medieval grift to lots of us, the Brits seem to largely love her (well, not the Sex Pistols) and are grieving. None of our business.
    Have you noticed how Politico and CNN have veered Trumpward? New fascism adjacent German Politico owner is doubling down on bothsiderism, while CNN is firing journalists and Jake Tapper turning full Chuck Todd.
    I’ve got to bump up daily kos, THE site for accurate timely war news and more. They got it right on Russian stupidity, brutality and ineptitude from before day one. While our oligarch run for-profit MSM regurgitate ‘tankie’ Putin apologetics and wheel out retired US generals with tired ideas about Russian might and quick Ukrainian inevitable doom. Because a horse race, whether an election or a war, generates wildly profitable clicks and views while actually telling us the truth does not profit our media oligarchs in the least. Profit, not truth, is what they do.
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