About Time, California!

No, this isn’t about the recall, although if you’re a Californian and haven’t voted yet, I hope you get your butt to the polls before they close tonight. But only if you’re voting no.

I saw this headline on CNN’s website and immediately knew which ski resort it refers to:

Olympic skiing venue changes its ‘racist, sexist’ name to Palisades Tahoe, effective immediately

It’s Squaw Valley, of course, the California location of the 1960 Winter Olympics, the place where, in 1964, I first learned to ski. I assumed, and said so on Facebook, there’d been a heated debate over renaming it, similar to the ongoing debates over removing confederate monuments and statues. A friend who lives in Northern California says no, the name change wasn’t controversial at all. In which case, I wonder, why progressive Californians didn’t change it 40 or 50 years ago? It’s not like anyone, even for a minute, ever thought “squaw” was a Native American term*, or that it was respectful of women, or that it was anything but demeaning.

Then there’s this guy.

I saw this yesterday on Twitter, posted by the man in the video. He’s since deleted it, but not before a copy found its way onto YouTube. Selfie videos of guys ranting in cars are all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Guys in cars ranting about 2nd Amendment remedies, COVID mortality rates, Hitleresque vaccine mandates, child sex trafficking, Demoncrap satan worship, you name it. Any asshole with a car and an iPhone can pretend to be an expert or have inside knowledge, but really they’re just assholes in cars.

Anyone who’s been in the military or knows anything about it will immediately see through this guy’s act. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Nevertheless, his video went around the world at hypersonic speed, and everyone predisposed to believe what this guy said swallowed it whole and started passing it in turn to all their friends. Here are a couple of reactions posted by F-22 guy believers:

  • 16 F22 fighter pilots just left their jobs because they are refusing the jabs the military is demanding. China is heading more ships to Taiwan right now, and we are now without some of our best fighter pilots. Goodbye Taiwan.
  • Taiwan takeover… Half of our F22 pilots just waked. They are the ones who would defend Taiwan against China. And that’s only if we had a non enemy in the Whitehouse. This is all about advancing the NWO plan.
  • Yup Military is opening up over half of all positions for new applicants, 12 F22 Pilots walked off base yesterday say good bye to Taiwan. The mandates have doomed America and her Allies and possibly killed more innocent people then covid and its vaccine together. Thanks Joe.

A lot of people think social media has accelerated and metastasized the passing of disinformation, making us collectively stupider. Stupider than we were in the pre-internet age, that is. But I’m not sure that’s true.

Seat belt laws generated the same kind of opposition we see today with vaccine mandates. There were even senators and governors who tried to pass laws to circumvent federal seat belt requirements (Ronald Reagan was one of them). I remember the outrageously crazy things John Birchers espoused in the 1950s (and still do). The grandparents of today’s QAnon kids used to pass around pamphlets and flyers about the evils of fluoridated water. Their parents used to fax warnings about satanic symbology on the Proctor & Gamble label. Maybe stupid spreads faster these days, but stupid is still stupid and it’s always been around.

And to me … I’ve mentioned this before … “stupid” and “racist” go hand in hand. You don’ t get one without the other. And on that note, good riddance to Squaw Valley. Here’s to Palisades Tahoe!

See? We don’t always have to choose the stupid thing!

*My, my, Facebook pedants are out in force. Some historians say the Algonquin word for women sounded like “squa” to the Pilgrims. Perhaps that’s true, but the Algonquins were one indigenous nation among many. It was white settlers who adopted the word, using it in a disparaging way to refer to all Native women, regardless of nation, and that makes it a racist term. The linked article details some even more hateful interpretations of the word “squaw.”

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One thought on “About Time, California!

  • Two sets of rules for GOP vs Dems. Dems must be perfect (Al Franken) while the party of trump and Q (Putin) can endlessly spew traitorous and fatal Russian propaganda thanks to the Foxation, Putination and Murdoching of the American racist weak minded traitors and the MIA MSM. Whose ‘reporting’ consists of interviews in diners with welfare anti-vaxx farmers and their economic insecurity- not racism and white male privilege at all! Elitist of you to even think it. These grifters are finest kind Patriots, they will tell you so themselves. And have you seen the huge American flags (some desecrated with a Trumpite ‘blue line’) they fly next to the trump banners? The bigger the flag the more patriotic, they might say (or chant waving flaming ominous tiki torches- so frightening [?]).
    Because of the usual media false equivalence: ‘both sides do it’ ™, ‘what aboutism’ and elections as horse races. Always keep this headline handy, ‘Dems in Dissaray’.
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