Getaway Photoblog

We drove to Big Bear Lake, California, for a short meetup and visit with the Las Vegas Woodfords: our son Gregory, daughter in law Beth, granddaughter Taylor, and grandson Quentin. Our daughter Polly wanted to come with us, which would have been perfect, but her job got in the way.

My favorite photos from our three-day getaway:


Taylor, Donna, Gregory, Quentin, Beth


Cap’n Q, arr!


Flank speed in a pontoon boat


A mom and her son


Mr. B, our co-pilot

It was a long hot drive, coming and going, but the truck ran perfectly and Mister B could not have been a more well-behaved and patient travel companion. Daytime temps at Big Bear were in the low 80s. By comparison with Tucson, plus the breeze on the lake, we felt refreshed. I was surprised all of LA and the Inland Empire weren’t up there with us, but it was the middle of the week — we couldn’t have picked a better time to visit.

The Vegas bunch are supposed to come down for Thanksgiving, and of course Polly lives here in town, so our whole family will be together then. Can’t wait!

We got home yesterday afternoon. Now that we’ve had a good rest, the next thing is to pick up the two dachshunds we’re adopting. That’ll be later this morning. Mr. B seemed to realize they’re coming to live with us when they visited last week, but the trip to Big Bear has driven the thought from his mind. Well, he’ll remember pretty soon. Now to see how quickly he goes from calm & collected world traveler mode to total emotional wreck!

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