Thirteen Days to Go

I swore off Republicans forever in November of 2000, when the “Brooks Brothers Riot” stopped the recount in Florida and led to the installation of the losing presidential candidate, George W. Bush. I wonder, after the dust settles, what we’ll call yesterday’s riot at the U.S. Capitol?

How it started
How it’s going

Different shirts, same assholes. They were fascists then and they’re fascists now. As someone observed on Twitter this morning, large numbers of white Americans have consistently been willing to violently subvert democracy in order to maintain power and caste.

Silver Linings Department: the challengers appear to have won in Georgia’s runoff election, giving control of the Senate to the Democrats. And Facebook has extended its block on Trump’s account until inauguration day … now if only Twitter follows suit.

Thirteen days to go.

Any personal news I may have at this point is unimportant and beside the point, save to say that Donna, willingly and on her own volition, watched the latest episode of The Expanse with me last night. I think she liked it. There’s hope yet!

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