The Wait Begins

The word of the day, fellow Democrats, is patience.

Photo by David Disher, Winston-Salem Journal

Like all of you, I look for portents, however small. Going out to walk Mister B this morning, I saw to my horror the garage door was open. Did I leave it open overnight? Was anything missing? A quick visual inspection revealed an empty space on the workbench where the cordless drill and charging stand normally rest. Yet all my other tools seemed to be there. Well, maybe we weren’t burgled, I thought … maybe Polly came by at the crack of dawn, borrowed the drill, and forgot to close the door.

I texted her and yes, that’s exactly what happened. She’s moving into her own apartment, and the old dresser I helped her take out of storage last weekend needed repairs. Whew.

I take this as a good omen for a Biden presidency. But I won’t get ahead of myself. Patience.

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