Upgrade Heck

For weeks now I’ve been getting messages from WordPress, asking me to upgrade to the latest version of their weblogging program.  I finally succumbed, and now I have hundreds of posts and pages with uncommanded typographical symbols mixed in with the text, like this:

So I have a question: don’t NBC and Today have some degree of responsibility to report reality, or at least alert viewers when quacks and charlatans present falsehood as fact?

And this:

Here’s my beef: gas stations that still set their pumps to limit debit card gas purchases to $50.  They had the same limit five or six years ago, when $50 would have done the trick.  Why didn’t they adjust the cutoff limit when gas prices started going up?

Several WP users have the same problem, according to the WP support forum, but no one has been able to suggest a solution.  I think . . . I fear . . . I’m going to have to hand-edit every entry, all the way back to January 2004.

If that is indeed the only solution, it’ll be weeks before the blog is cleaned up.  I did edit the most recent posts, but if you get into the archives you’re going to see a lot of ’s and Âs.  Please be patient while I try to clean up the mess.

Thanks to WordPress, “upgrade” no longer evokes mental images of an easier, more convenient, feature-packed life.  From now on, any time I hear the word I’ll instinctively hit the floor and crawl under the nearest table.

Suddenly I understand why there are people out there who still carry around the original 5.25″ program disks for WordStar 3.0!

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