Motorcycle Maintenance Log, Part II

Spent the morning over at my friend Ed’s garage, helping another friend, Angie, put new cables and a brake line on her Sportster.  Ed has an awesome motorcycle garage and probably every motorcycle tool known to man, including a really slick table lift – what a pleasure it is to work on a bike when it’s at chest level!

Clutch cable installation, pt I

Angie with her Sporty.

Clutch cable installation, pt II

Ed and Angie.

We didn’t get everything done today, but we did manage to change the engine oil and filter, drain and refill the primary oil, and put on new clutch and throttle cables.  Tomorrow we’ll replace her front brake line and fix whatever else is broken.

Tell you what, it’s great to have friends who like to work on motorcycles.  Especially friends with good tools and air-conditioned garages!  I originally met Ed through a Goldwinger e-mail board – I had to replace a headlight bulb but wasn’t sure how best to get at the bulb housing, so I posted a message asking if anyone knew the secret.  Ed’s the guy who answered, and noticing that I posted from Tucson, told me he lived in Tucson too and invited me over to his place so that he could show me how it was done.

I went over, and while I was there Ed showed me how to do other kinds of routine maintenance.  He’s come through in all sorts of pinches, from flat tires to ripped saddles, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without his help.  Well, actually, I do – I would have paid for second-rate work at my local Honda dealership, that’s what I’d have done.

So I owe this guy, big time.  Seems like the least I can do is mention him in my blog, and say . . . once again . . . thanks, Ed!

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