Glitch in the Matrix

An odd thing happened with the blog. An automated email informed me I’d gone over my server’s disk quota. That won’t mean much to anyone who doesn’t have a website hosted on a server, but since I do it got my attention. I tried to log on to the server to see what was up but couldn’t. Then I noticed the most recent post on this blog had vanished. I sent a query to my friend Scott, who owns and operates the server, but haven’t heard back.

Meanwhile I figured out another way to log on, and I’m nowhere close to the disk quota limit. Which is what I remembered from the last time I checked, a month or so ago. I reposted the missing blog entry and now I’m writing and posting this one as a further system test.

Of course the real glitch in the matrix is Trump and the inescapable fact that a subset of the population thinks he’s the greatest. That subset includes former friends of ours, who couldn’t have shocked us more had they revealed themselves to be cannibals. “Oh, do try the braised baby,” they say, “it’s excellent today.” We are well and truly in the upside down.

Just as I predicted Mueller would deliver a nothingburger, I predict the Democratic majority in the House will pretend to act tough but ultimately back down. So they authorized a subpoena for Mueller’s report? Yawn. Let me know when they issue that subpoena. And let me know when they send the Capitol Police to arrest the attorney general after he decides to ignore it. From all I can see, they haven’t got the guts.

Moto maintenance tomorrow: I’m riding the Wing over to Ed’s place to change the oil and fix a couple of minor issues. It’s the best time of the year for riding in southern Arizona and I plan to take full advantage of it.

One thought on “Glitch in the Matrix

  • The glitch is that people, sometimes on both sides, do not get balanced news or views. I heard Trump this morning and recognized two lies he said about the migrants. But his followers will not hear any correction or rebuttal.

    If anyone tells me that they don’t like MSM media because it is fake news or biased, I tell them ‘Yeah, the worst is Fraud News’ – extremely biased and very manipulative of what they chose to report. They like him because he is a disruptor – then they must also like Bernie Sanders and AOC. They think the latter two are too generous for the budget, but how could it worse than the very expensive tax cuts for the rich?

    I listed to Fox News a bit yesterday – if there is nothing in Mueller’s report, then what objective could they have to releasing it? What will get his supporters is not that report though (witch hunt etc.) but his tax returns. I sure hope they can get them out – I don’t think Fox could even ignore them.

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