Air-Minded: Terraplanes

I heard about a Bristol Aeroplane Company worker who, some time after WWII, used the cockpit section of a Blenheim attack bomber as the body of a homemade electric car, which he drove around London for many years. Today, the cockpit is back in the air, used in the restoration of the only flying example of the Bristol Blenheim:

Bristol Blenheim
Restored Bristol Blenheim (photo: George Land)

The story piqued my interest. Over the years I’ve seen occasional photos of aircraft converted into cars, trucks, buses, and motorized RVs. I decided to start collecting them. If you have photos of aircraft/auto conversions, please share them with me!

Air-Minded: Terraplanes

Click here to see My Flickr photo album, “Terraplanes.” I’ll add photos to the album as people send them to me, or when I come across new ones on my own.

Update (19 Feb 2019): new photos added today, including an old-school belly tank speedster, a land speed record car, and an airliner-to-bus conversion.

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