Tuesday Bag o’ Asshattery

Phillips-web copyLynch mobs rule on social media, Twitter especially, and I try not to react to or comment on stories, photos, or videos of people being racist until the mob moves on.

I do believe my own eyes, though, and the MAGA hat and smirk that teenager’s wearing put the lie to the both-sides spin being applied to the story of the Covington Catholic High School boys’ confrontation with a Native American activist. No matter if this photo represents only part of the story of what happened in front of the Lincoln Memorial last weekend, it is what it is and nothing will change that.

On the larger subject of MAGA hats and what they represent, I’ll just say that every time I see someone wearing one I expect a young boy in a brown shirt to jump up on a beer garden table and start singing Tomorrow Belongs to Me. Which, like almost everything people who wear MAGA hats stand for, sounds better in the original German.


One thought on “Tuesday Bag o’ Asshattery

  • I don’t disagree with you but I do think you’re reading too much into that smirk. I seen that same smirk of “I’m so cool” on the face of more than a few hashers when they get confronted with a homeowner whose property they just pissed on or whose car they pissed on or some cop who is just there because someone called about noise and drunks and I’ll wager that you have as well. That being said, of course that kid is a prick’s prick and likely always will be.

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