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You Can’t Read That is a periodic post featuring banned book reviews and news roundups.

From Time Magazine, Dec 20, 1948

YCRT! News

Why can’t kids just read Officer Friendly coloring books instead? South Carolina Cops Have Thoughts On Your High School Reading List. Here’s more on the same subject: “Union says depictions of brutality in The Hate U Give and All American Boys promote distrust of police and ‘we’ve got to put a stop to that.'”

High school administrators across the country are silencing student journalists who report on sensitive subjects. While we’re at it, here are nine other recent school controversies making the news.

“See the little faggot with the earring and the make up”: 40 banned and censored songs. Here’s more on the ongoing battle over censorship of music.

Related: six films that were cut or banned.

I’m confused. I thought some of Judy Blume’s books had already been made as movies (“Tiger Eyes” and “Forever,” to name two). Maybe she wants to know which other Judy Blume books you’d like to see on the big screen.

Self-appointed library censors strike again, this time in Detroit.

University administrators cave to public demands to censor or remove campus art? Oh, do tell.

Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone: “The death-pit for civil liberties is usually found in a combination of fringe/unpopular people or ideas and a national security emergency.”

A librarian begins a story with this: “About two years ago, I wanted to get in on the Drag Queen storytime trend.” Dear American Library Association: are you sure the Drag Queen storytime trend is the hill you want to die defending?

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