Tourist Season Photoblog

It’s been a couple of weeks. Our goddaughter Natasha and her five-year-old daughter Giorgianna have been here for several days, not counting side trips to northern Arizona and New Mexico. Donna took them to the airport this morning for their flight home to San Jose. Our granddaughter Taylor came down from Las Vegas last Friday and stayed for the weekend. Our friend Angela flew in the same day and is still here, but not for long: she flies back to Tampa tomorrow.

Donna drove Natasha and Giorgianna to Flagstaff and Sedona for a couple of days; later Natasha rented a car and took her daughter to the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque. While they were away, Donna sewed with Taylor and Angie and I scouted trail for Sunday’s bicycle hash, which you can read about here. Sunday we rode: Angela and I as hares; Donna and Taylor part of pack chasing us.

Natasha and Giorgianna came back from New Mexico and extended their stay until this morning, going to the local zoo and the Sonora Desert Museum with Donna. Angie and I hooked up with a motorcycle buddy and rode down to Tombstone for some tourist action. This morning our daughter Polly appeared, to our happy surprise, catching up with Natasha and Angie (and us, of course). She may come by tonight with her architect boyfriend, whom we have yet to meet.

Well, I said it was going to be a photoblog, so I’d better get to it. Click on the images to see the original photos on Flickr:

Natasha & Giorgianna in Sedona

Giorgi’s couture by Donna

Donna & Giorgi

Taylor in hashing attire

The pups love Taylor

Giorgianna’s first frog kiss

Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue

Loaded up for the bike hash

Big Nose Kate’s in Tombstone

Angie’s first horse

Whew. The house is going to echo after Angie leaves, but at least our slutty dogs will start sleeping in our bed again.

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