Family Thanksgiving Photoblog

Donna and I spent most of Thanksgiving week in Las Vegas, Nevada, visiting our son Gregory, daughter-in-law Beth, and grandson Quentin. Taylor, our granddaughter, stayed in Seattle for the holiday so we didn’t get to see her this trip, but our daughter Polly and her boyfriend David drove up from Ajo, Arizona, so we were almost all together. Photographic evidence? Sure:

L to R: Polly, David, Quentin, Beth, Gregory, Donna, Paul (dogs: Maxie, Buc, Schatzi)

We drove up on Tuesday and checked into our hotel. We usually sleep at a hotel near the kids’ house, but spend our days and evenings with them, shopping, cooking, eating, going to events. Polly and David arrived Wednesday evening and stayed at the house, sleeping in Taylor’s bedroom. Our dachshunds, who came along for the trip, played musical beds at night … everyone got to sleep with Schatzi or Maxie at least once (except us, since they can’t come to the hotel).

Wednesday was grandparents’ day at Quentin’s middle school, and I must say we had a blast. Quentin’s parents worried not many grandparents would come, but we had to park a quarter of a mile away and the place was packed with olds like us. Q is very proud to be in his first big-kids’ school, where he has to walk around the campus to attend his classes. He gave us a great tour; at one point I insisted we duck into the library for a quick banned book check (Q’s school passed, and I had a nice chat about banned books with the school librarian).

I don’t know where Donna and Beth went shopping (praise Gog, they didn’t insist on my company), but they came home with plenty of stuff. Gregory took me to a luxury theater to see Interstellar, which we watched from recliners. Thanksgiving day we watched Gregory smoke a duck while Beth prepared the traditional turkey and side dishes; it was a lovely repast. During a break in the cooking I was able to pose everyone in the back yard for family photos.

On Friday, while Donna and Beth braved the crowds at Costco to get copies of the famous (?) cookbook given out only on “black Friday,” we lads went to a car show at the LV Convention Center, followed by lunch at what must have been the best Vietnamese pho place in town, judging by the crowds of Vietnamese-American families waiting in line.

Saturday Donna and I drove home with the doggies and are now enjoying a relaxing Sunday. Here are some thumbnails (click on ’em to see ’em bigger).

Ocean view from the hotel

Comfy theater seats

Traveling dogs

Banned book check

Quentin the cellist

Beth’s Thanksgiving table

Beth, Quentin, Gregory

Pit stop @ Nothing, Arizona

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