Some Needed Nuance

Yesterday’s comment was harsh:

I don’t have many fucks left to give today, but I can always muster one up for the Republicans, the party of assholes and assholism. I turned irrevocably against them sometime during the Clinton administration, and everything they’ve done since has hardened my contempt, which by now is so dense and compressed it could scratch a diamond.

Lacks nuance. So let’s give it some.

I’m talking about the post-Nixon southern strategy Republican Party, not conservatism in the classic sense. I’m personally very conservative. I believe in pulling yourself up, acting morally, being self-sufficient, exhibiting rectitude, living within your means. I oppose excess in anything. I despise thieves and cheats and people who can work but would rather suck on the public teat. If I could be certain only the guilty would be executed, I’d have no problem with the death penalty.

What I hate is racism, stupidity, greed, and the petty spite that motivates people to be assholes toward others. Eisenhower kept those elements at arm’s length during his administration. Nixon welcomed the worst with open arms and promised them a home in the Republican Party. He did it for the votes, and didn’t worry much about the consequences. The consequences are what have made the GOP what it is today, the party of stupidity, racism, greed, and spite. That is what I hate, and that is why I have such a visceral dislike of Republicans.

Is that nuanced enough? God, I wish we weren’t stuck with a two-party system, but that’s another subject altogether.

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