You Can’t Read That!

You Can’t Read That! is a periodic post featuring news about banned books and censorship.

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More than a year later, activist groups are still trying to combat the infamous Tucson school book bannings.

Here’s a highly suspect list titled top five banned books (suspect in that while all five books have been banned, they aren’t the “top five” on any survey I’ve ever heard of) … but the writer’s takes on why these idiosyncratic picks were banned are spot on.

Meanwhile, here’s a real list: the American Library Association’s Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2012.

Power to the people? A Santa Fe citizen takes it upon himself to ban an alternative weekly newspaper that offended him … by stealing all the copies!

A librarian considers Persopolis.

A fascinating essay on the history of attempts to ban Gone With the Wind.

From Moms Demand Action, a jarring poster:


Too cute … how censorship can make what’s being censored seem far more interesting than it actually is:

Is the world really watching Iceland’s plan to ban online porn?

I finally watched Django Unchained. My first reaction: what the hell is it with these eruptions of blood and tissue whenever anyone gets shot? Looks like the Chinese censors had the same reaction.

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