Friday Bag o’ Nuthin’

empty bagI feel the need to blog but my bag is empty. I notice that doesn’t stop other bloggers, though, so what the hell.

Including what’s left of today, five days remain before my first knee replacement operation. I want to get out on the motorcycle today. No plan: maybe a Barnes & Noble run, then lunch. Tomorrow, Saturday, is the annual car show on the golf course in Tubac. I’ll be there, camera in hand, bad knees be damned. Sunday I’m on tap to make Buffalo wings for my wife and daughter, who’ll be watching the big game … me, I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl on one of the other TVs. Monday’s going to be a curl up and worry day. Tuesday I’ll take a break for a team leader meeting at the air museum, then get back into the fetal position. Wednesday’s the big day, followed by up to three nights in hospital.

We’ve been catching up with back episodes of Downton Abbey. One to go, which we’ll watch tonight, and then we’ll join the queue, waiting impatiently for future episodes. Some bozo gave away last week’s big curveball on Twitter so I already know what’ll we’ll see tonight. I didn’t tell Donna. Oh, well, Edith is my favorite anyway. Watched the pilot for American Horror Story and think I’ll stream other episodes on nights when Donna’s out playing bridge … I like it but it’s definitely not her sort of thing. We’ve watched every back episode of Breaking Bad we can stream for free; Amazon starts charging $1.99 per episode somewhere in the middle of season #3. Damn you, Amazon! I’m working my way through the one season of Firefly and totally digging it. And then there’s Justified … still our favorite.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been a tubehead lately. The upcoming operation has robbed me of the will to read. I struggle through a page or two, start thinking about my knees, and lose the thread. I’ll probably have to return, unfinished, the library novel I’m currently stuck in … sorry, M. Houellebecq. It’d be nice to have the iPad during my stay at Tucson Medical Center, but it’s likely to be stolen … maybe I’ll have Donna bring it with her on visits. I’ll risk packing the Nook, though, even though I haven’t been much of a reader lately. I downloaded the latest Game of Thrones novel, and if that doesn’t resuscitate my reading habit nothing will.

While I’m out & about on the Goldwing this morning I’ll pick up a couple of steaks to grill tonight. There’s something to look forward to.

As I’ve mentioned before, I cross-post some of my Air-Minded stories to Daily Kos, where I have a diary page. Reader comments are scarce here at Paul’s Thing; not so at dKos. My last dKos diary, the one about the Tweet, has stirred up a number of readers and the discussion is quite lively. Sure, some just want to gross out other readers with tales of airsick students, but many are sharing war stories from their own flying days. Their comments are not only fascinating, they’ve given me great ideas for future posts. I wish this little blog generated that sort of interaction! Of course if it did it wouldn’t be a little blog.

Sometimes when I tell people about my diaries on Daily Kos I see them shudder. Sure, dKos is a pinko site, but I’m a pinko and so are plenty of other pilots, military veterans, and aviation enthusiasts. Where do people get the idea that the military is hard right? For every Jerry Boykin there’s a Colin Powell; for every John McCain there’s a John Kerry.

Oh, and fuck the NRA.


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