A Misleading Headline

“Death Map”: Where Americans Are Most Likely to Die

You see a headline like that, you just can’t not read the article, right?  I mean, if we’re less likely to die in Dubuque than in Tucson, hey, let’s all move there.  Today!

But you know there’s gotta be a gimmick.  Too good to be true, and all that.  Well, at least they don’t keep you waiting . . . the gotcha’s in the very first sentence: “A new map plotting deaths resulting from forces of nature reveals where Mother Nature is most likely to kill you.”  Oh.  They’re talking about the weather.  Bastards.

If I start inserting words like “celeb” and “sex” in post titles, will more people read my blog?

Credit where credit’s due: spotted at Huffington Post.

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