Another Eggcorn

I wrote about eggcorns a few days ago, and in one of those coincidences that make you think “huh?”, spotted one in the wild this morning.  From a customer review of a true crime movie on Amazon: “If you think the film is gut retching, I dare you to actually review the case.”  Gut retching!  A perfect specimen!

I went straight to the Eggcorn Database to see if it’s been previously reported, and it hasn’t.  I found a new one!  God, this must be what Howard Carter felt like when he discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb.

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3 thoughts on “Another Eggcorn

  • Paul,
    Considering the crap that passes for entertainment these days, the customer may have meant exactly what he/she said.

  • Well sure he did, that’s what an eggcorn is! He heard someone say “gut wrenching” but never having seen that particular phrase in print, interpreted what he heard as “gut retching,” which makes perfect sense.

    Although personally, I associate retching more with the esophagus than the gut . . .

  • Now I get it! I checked out the site and love it. Eggcorns are tons of fun. Here I thought they were just malapops.

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