Rotisserie Chicken

This is really good: juicy, tender chicken with great flavor, and although preparation requires planning ahead, it really isn’t any work at all.

Ditalini carvine our rotisserie chicken

As previously noted, Ditalini bought me an electric rotisserie for the new gas grill, and I used it for the first time today. Friends recommended brining […]


Another Rotisserie Chicken

Ditalini was going to the store this morning, so I asked her to pick up a chicken. She came home with a free range organic fryer that cost three times as much as the typical factory chicken, but we felt better about eating it — can you tell we watched Food, Inc. the other night?



Black & Red Fish

Trying to lower your cholester oil? Try some black & red fish! Aren’t eggcorns fun? I crack myself up!

Okay, seriously . . . I mentioned in an earlier entry that the side burner on our new gas grill was rather too hot for sautéeing vegetables, but that it might be perfect for blackened redfish, […]


First Use

I bought Ditalini allowed me to buy an electric rotisserie for the new Weber gas grill, and I’ve been looking around for something to use it on. Friends recommended I brine and rub a chicken, then cook it on the spit, so that’s what I’m doing.

The chicken is in the brine (3/4 cups kosher […]


Breaking In the New Grill

At last, Ditilani and I have a new gas grill, a big black Weber patriotically made in America, and what better way to break in our new American grill than a couple of big bloody American steaks? Here are some photos and notes on our new grill’s shakedown cruise:

To accompany our steaks, we […]