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Year-End Wrapup: More Holiday Gluttony

Ditalini and I drove to Las Vegas with our daughter Escargot and doggies Mortadella & Ubracio to spend Christmas with our son Baguette, daughter in law Truffle, granddaughter Biscotto, and grandson Pesce. All the deMenthes together again!

Of course the holidays are all about eating. Baguette activated Fortress of Smoke™ Las Vegas, and when we arrived on Sunday we feasted on hickory smoked pork shoulder and hot links. On Monday, Christmas Eve, Ditalini and I prepared our traditional seafood feast. Christmas day, Baguette prepared our traditional family clam chowder with a baked ham on the side.

Have just been informed our Tucson friends, upset over missing the Christmas Eve seafood feast we normally serve in Tucson, demand we produce another seafood feast at our house on New Year’s Eve. Can we possibly eat more seafood? Oh, we’ll manage to choke it down somehow.

secondary fortress
Baguette manning Fortress of Smoke™ Las Vegas

Wow, 13-15 count tiger prawns … livin’ large!

Steamed mussels with shrimp & lobster boil

Biscotto, Pesce, Truffle, Baguette, Escargot, Ditalini (I think one of her mussels just winked at her)

Crouton and Ditalini hope your holidays were bountiful and blessed. See you in 2013!


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