Fifth Rule of Cooking Club

Know your coconut milk products.

The On-On Gourmets cooking club met Saturday at the home of Anitra and Manzo Spezzatino for an evening of Thai cooking and consumption. Three new members attended: Pomodoro Calde, an experienced cook with years of experience preparing Thai food for guests at her resort in Fiji, and two mutual friends, […]


Crouton’s Red Curry with Chicken & Eggplant

Last night I felt like making a curry with some chicken breast filets, so I did a quick sweep of the cupboard and fridge and pulled out these items:

Looking over available ingredients

I had two different kinds of red curry paste, a Thai style and a jar of Patak’s hot curry paste. I […]


Crouton’s Red Curry with Beef

Lately I’ve kept the cupboard stocked with coconut milk and a supply of red, green, and Penang curry paste. Because if you have those basics — and some rice — you can make a nice Thai curry out of whatever other ingredients you have laying around.

Until last night, I’d used chicken or shrimp in […]


Crouton’s Green Curry w/Chicken & Eggplant

The last time I made green curry with chicken, I thought I’d gone a bit overboard on the ingredients. This time I wanted to try something simpler. The result? My best green curry yet!


3 skinless chicken breast filets, cut into 1-inch chunks 1 can coconut milk 1 pkg Asian Home Gourmet Thai […]


Crouton’s Green Curry w/Chicken & Lime

Crouton's Greey Curry w/Chicken & Lime (click for larger)

Tonight’s Thai curry experiment was a green curry over rice. I based it on a couple of recipes I viewed online, but modified to our own tastes and available ingredients, so I think I can call this dish a Crouton original.


1 cup rice […]


Crouton’s Chicken Satay w/Cucumber Salad & Frites

When we lived in Holland we discovered satay, the Indonesian/Thai peanut sauce served with skewered pork and chicken, even as a dip for pommes frites (French fried potatoes). We still love satay, and occasionally make it with chicken and our own version of frites.

Of course you can make satay sauce from scratch, but I’ll […]


Crouton Cooks Kaeng Phed Cai (Red Chicken Curry)

Update (4/10/10): I prepared this dish again last night, trying another brand of red curry paste and adding shrimp. Since the curry mixture can be soupy, I decided to serve it over rice in bowls — it was much prettier that way. I heated up spring rolls (available prepared & frozen in many markets) to […]


Crouton Cooks Keo (Updated)

I recently dug out Keo’s Thai Cuisine, a cookbook that’s been sitting on our shelf, unopened, since 1992. What got me off my ass, Thai-cooking-wise? Shame.

Evil Jungle Prince with Chicken (& Shrimp)

You see, I admitted on Facebook to making Pad Thai from a package, and one of my friends called me out […]