Air-Minded: True Story, Fake Video

This is an older post, originally posted in March 2008, updated to correct some details I got wrong the first time around. —Paul

A friend sent me a link to this History Channel video, which has been circulating on the internet for several years:

He wanted to know if the video was for real […]


Air-Minded: Old Bones

Boy, does this make me feel old:

In early November 2007, the nose and cockpit section of a Missouri Air National Guard F-15C broke away from the rest of the aircraft during a training flight. The pilot ejected and survived. Here’s a simulation of what happened:

Following the mishap, the USAF grounded its entire […]


Air-Minded: Standing Up

Several years ago, when I was chief of flight safety for one of the USAF’s major air commands, I was ordered to interfere in an ongoing major aircraft mishap investigation. My mission was to shift the investigation from the track it was on (the right one) to another track (a false one).

Some explanations are […]