And While We’re at It, a Glorious Family Fifth

The family that bicycles together earns a big breakfast together!

Tour de Trash: Gregory, me, Beth, Taylor

Tour de Trash: Gregory, me, Beth, Taylor

Would you believe we all got up at five this morning to go for a bicycle ride with the Trail Trash?  I didn’t think you would, so I took a photo to prove it.  Donna took grandson Quentin to a nearby park while Gregory, Beth, Taylor, and I met up with Mary Anne, Chris, and Darrell for a 16-mile ride, the highlight of which was Chris’ flat tire, which would have been a problem if Gregory and family hadn’t been there.

How’s that again?  Well, Gregory was riding my hybrid, and it just happens I keep a spare tube in the emergency bag under the saddle  the same size tube as the one that blew out on Chris’ hybrid.  Semper paratus!

After our ride we reassembled at Shlomo & Vito’s Delicatessen for a great breakfast.  Now we’re home, preparing for the next bout of fun.  Gregory’s going to take his family to the top of Mount Lemon while I smoke ribs and chicken.  After an early dinner we’re going to go watch the bats come out from under the Broadway Bridge, then stop at a Vietnamese place for bubble tea.  It never stops!

One last photo:

Quentin at Sabino Canyon

Quentin at Sabino Canyon

I know it beggars belief, but Quentin is the spitting image of me when I was a sprat (and so was his father).  How about that?

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