Domestic Bliss, Man Style

Saturday: early morning bike ride followed by a visit to our local coffee shop.  Weekly yard chores.  Worked on my other blog, fixing old entries that got screwed up when I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (this blog, by the way, has been edited and is back up to speed).  Went to the hardware store to find some small machine screws for Donna’s embroidery hoops (mission successful).  Dinner with friends.  A little reading and so to bed.

Sunday: Still working on my other blog, getting closer to completion.  Cooked a pot of sauce for dinner tonight.  Washed my truck.  Coming up: store trip, take the dog to the park, eat dinner, watch a movie.

On Saturday and most of today, our daughter Polly was here.  I made sure she took some sauce home with her, since she couldn’t stay over tonight.

You know, it’s been a damn fine weekend.  I was a little afraid Dick Cheney wouldn’t give the presidency back to Chimpy after the colonoscopy, but I guess he’s not ready to make his move yet.  So yeah, a damn fine weekend!

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