Get in the Kitchen and Make Me a Quilt

Donna’s sister Robin is here for a few days, and she’s helping Donna put my Hash House Harrier T-shirt quilt together. That’s Robin in the photo. All you can see of Donna is her hand.


Donna has made a few of these for friends in the hash, meanwhile saving some of my old shirts for this one. Matter of fact, she and Robin could find only the backup stash for this quilt … the shirts Donna wanted to use are still hiding somewhere, so maybe, eventually, we’ll have two quilts.

Every one of these shirts brings back memories, and now I understand why hashers treasure stuff like this. Oh, by the way, Robin is a hasher too … so far only hashing hands have touched the quilt-to-be!

The raised end grips I put on my mountain bike last weekend were a bust. They were plastic and wouldn’t clamp solidly to the handlebar. Every time I grabbed them they’d twist right off. I took them back and replaced them with sturdier metal ones. These clamp on tightly and should do the trick. Not perfect, but they’ll allow me alternate between riding hunched over and sitting up a bit straighter, and they’re way cheaper than a new handlebar. That rectangular thing on the stem is an iPhone holder. I use an app called MapMyRide to track routes and distances, not that the distances (so far, anyway) amount to much. Bicycle nerds call photos like this “cockpit shots.” Brother, I know from cockpits. Go home and eat a gluten-free snack.


One of the TVs at Anytime Fitness was set to CNBC this morning, not Fox News. I watched a few minutes while I was on one of the leg machines, and frankly didn’t see much difference. The media, left, right, and center, are tripping over themselves this morning to proclaim Trump “presidential.” Funny, though, he seems as selfish, childish, and vindictive as ever to me. Weird, huh?

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