Friday Bag o’ Nothing

There’s no bag photo because there’s no bag. I’m free at last!

The antibiotic treatment ended yesterday. The PICC line is out … I watched the nurse pull it out, which was freaky in the extreme … and I’m pretty much back to normal. At physical therapy I’m getting over 120° of bend out of my new knee, but I’m a little short on the extension side, about 8° short in fact, but then again my other knee won’t let me fully extend that leg either. The therapist is coming around to the idea that it may just be the way I’m made, and is talking about releasing me to my own devices. I can climb stairs, walk normally, ride my motorcycle … and am almost ready to tackle riding my bicycle again.

I missed a couple of days of blogging because of a server problem. As of this morning it’s fixed, and here I am. When you have blogs, you don’t feel right when something’s wrong with them. Which is the same thing as saying when you’re anal you’re anal, duh.

That’s it for now. Just wanted you to know all is right with my world again.

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