Updates from Another World

What world? Planet X, the world one of my embittered Missouri relatives inhabits.

The last post appeared this morning. Most people climb down from the ledge after a night’s sleep. Ain’t happening on Planet X, clearly.

Collective farms, sharia law, gun confiscation, Obamaphones, black helicopters, FEMA camps … dreadful things are happening on Planet X. I’m thankful I live on this one!

I hope these illusory fears are not widely shared among Republicans. Mitt Romney was commendably gracious during his concession speech, and I hope members of his party take his words about working together to heart. Personally, I took heart when the crowd in Boston clapped after Romney said he prayed the president would be successful in guiding our nation. Let’s hope Mitch McConnell was moved by Romney’s words and that the country won’t have to survive four more years of GOP sabotage in the Senate.

But just in case, maybe we ought to start working on filibuster reform … your move, Harry Reid.

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