Paul’s DVD Reviews

“Round up the usual suspects.” — Claude Rains (as Capt. Louis Renault), Casablanca (1942)

Easy Virtue (2008) This had promise, being that it’s based on a Noel Coward play, but it didn’t deliver. It comes across as a parody of a typical BBC drawing room comedy, minus the humor. I honestly think the movie is […]


The Military’s Heterosexual Problem

As of today, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is implementing a military-wide modification to current Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, pending congressional repeal of DADT. Gay servicemen and women who have been outed by jilted partners or third parties will no longer be forcibly discharged, so long as they don’t out themselves.

Since President Obama […]


Reforming Health Care Reform

I thought the fix was in, that Democrats in congress wouldn’t pass health care reform. But they did. Nancy Pelosi, you go! Have you considered running for president some day?

Toward the end, the Republican refrain was that passing HCR would hurt Democrats. But you know what? Everyone loves a winner, and right now congressional […]


Banned Book News

Image courtesy Atom Smasher

I recently set up a news feed to follow reports of book banning, challenges, and censorship. This is a roundup of current book banning news from the USA:

Good news for kids who’ve been missing Captain Underpants Why they’re still freaking over Catcher in the Rye RIP Bruce Roberts, a […]


Family Photos

. . . from our weekend with the kids and grandchildren in Las Vegas (click to enlarge):

Dad, Quentin, & Gregory @ Hooters

Polly doing her 1959 Good Housekeeping thing

But that’s not all! Here are a few more (click to enlarge):

Top row, left to right:

Donna & Beth coaching Polly in […]


Boys’ Weekend 2010

During our weekend visit with the kids in Las Vegas, my son Gregory and I once again checked out a pair of BMW motorcycles. We did the same thing last year (when we rode an R1200RT and an R1200 GS). This year we rode a K1200GT and another R1200GS.

Neither of us had ridden the […]


Paul’s Grab Bag

Unconnected thoughts and observations which don’t rate separate blog posts, but when aggregated together might amount to something:

We’re in Las Vegas, visiting the kids. Gregory’s birthday was the 10th; Polly’s is the 16th. Of course we’re spending time with our grandson Quentin, too, and campaigning to have his parents send him down to Tucson […]


The Salem Toyota Trials, Part I

Document 1: Warrant in the Case of John Alden’s Toyota Camry

To the Constable of Salem, Essex Ss

Whereas Complaint hath been made unto us John Hathorne & Jonathan Corwin Esq’rs by severall persons of Salem Village that Cap’t John Alden of Boston’s Toyota Camry [that she] is guilty of Witchcraft in cruelly tortureing & […]