Tuesday Morning Hummercam Update

I swear to God, my wife, and mother hummingbird I won’t do this often, but I couldn’t resist. Note to PETA: she’s back on her nest now, and everything’s cool.

The nest

A better look (click to enlarge)

Five minutes later: back on the nest



Monday DogBlogging & Hummercam Update

Donna & Schatzi (click to enlarge)

Hummercam update (click to enlarge)


Thursday Morning DogBlogging

The queen in her chambers (click to enlarge)

Our back yard is enclosed with a high cinderblock fence, and until two nights ago it was Schatzi’s hood. If she heard a dog bark or smelled javelina nearby, she’d shoot out the doggy door into the back yard, loudly letting the world know she was […]


Is That a Euphemism in Your Pocket?

So I thought I’d take a little hike up the Appalachian Trail. You know, just to see how far the Old Log Inn is. But when I get back I find a note from my wife: “Gone to Reno.” Shoot, now it’s just me & Rosie . . . and her five sisters. Well, […]


Greening Up

I’m concerned about what appears to be a stolen election in Iran, and even more concerned about government violence and suppression of dissent. It’s encouraging, even exciting, that Iranians are finding ways around government censorship to get their story out to the rest of the world.

In this country, conservative politicians are criticizing President Obama […]



I was cooking on the back porch most of the day, and just as we were getting ready to serve dinner I noticed something up under the eaves:

Is that a little tiny nest?

That’s a bicycle hook I put up years ago, when we had parrots . . . I used to hang […]


Balanced News You Can Count On . . .

. . . to serve the corporate masters. Warning: NPR kvetching ahead.

I thought Diane Rehm’s show started off well this morning: she interviewed presidential science advisor Dr. John Holdren about the latest White House report on climate change. And here’s the thing: she had him on by himself, not up against a panel of […]


On the Usefulness of Twitter

There has been much said about Twitter, most of it negative, but Twitter is shining today. I realize this is highly perishable information, but at this moment the hot trending topics include #cnnfail, #iranelection, and #tehran. Apparently Iran can’t keep its citizens off Twitter, and they’re providing the news and photographic coverage our own media […]