15 Signs Those Around You May Have Swine Flu

Hogging the fast lane Shopping at Piggly-Wiggly “My God, your bedroom is a sty!” Thinking nothing’s wrong with pork barrel spending Five little piggies on each foot Grunting “What smells?” Bringing home the bacon Favorite Muppets character: Miss Piggy Favorite Muppets skit: Pigs in Spaaaaace Hamming it up for the camera Poor table manners […]


Well, That Was Fun . . .

. . . or maybe fun’s uncle. You know, the uncle they keep locked in the attic?

Donna likes to watch NCIS. I like to watch reruns of The Office. Naturally, the shows are scheduled head to head. Time for TIVO.

Comcast, our cable provider, offers DVR capability for $8.95 a month. So I called […]


A Domestic Interlude

Sharing a home office:

Me: (at my computer, getting ready to write a blog entry).

Donna: (at her computer) “Oh-kay . . .”

Me: (waiting).

Donna: “You know that thing?”

Me: “Ummm.”

Donna: (silence).

Me: (trying to recapture the blog thought bubble).

Donna: “That thing on the thing.”

Me: “What thing on what thing?”

Donna: […]


Las Vegas

Our daughter moved back to Las Vegas last weekend, so now both our children (and our grandchildren) live there. Donna’s birthday is a month from now, so we’ll use that excuse to drive up for a long weekend to see how the kids are doing.

I’m trying to get tickets to Bette Midler’s show at […]


A New Look

This blog outgrew the WordPress default template it had been using, so I upgraded to a new one. Obviously, much has changed, but I think you’ll find the new blog easy to navigate and use.

If you would like to comment or provide feedback on the new design, please leave a comment or contact me. […]


Adventures in Moving

Our daughter Polly is changing jobs and moving from Phoenix to Las Vegas. Yesterday Donna and I drove to Phoenix to help her load her stuff onto a U-Haul truck. I had to drive back to Tucson at the end of the day in order to make a medical appointment this morning, but Donna spent […]


Paul’s DVD Reviews: A Wide Screen Just Makes a Bad Film Twice as Bad

Resurrecting the Champ (2006) You may not be a fan of boxing — and I’m not — but like Million Dollar Baby, this movie sucks you in. Okay, perhaps a little slow to get rolling, but it gets better and better as it unfolds. The real story’s not about boxing, of course; it’s about […]


Paul’s Book Reviews: I’ll Quit When I Need Glasses . . . Oh, Wait

The Garden of Last Days, by Andre Dubus III. A novel about people at the ends of their ropes. The characters are well-developed, the story line vividly gritty and believable, but I felt let down and sleazy afterward, because apart from a secondary older-cop character no one is happy or good or has any […]