Driving While Poor (Part II)

I drive a 1994 Ford pickup. It has two 18-gallon gas tanks, and with gas in Tucson at 2.85 cents per gallon (yes, I know it’s a lot more elsewhere in the States, never mind Europe, so spare me already), it takes more than a C-note to fill it up.

There are a lot of […]


Saturday Dog Blogging

I use a portable satellite radio receiver to listen to the blues when I’m grilling on the patio. Last weekend the radio wouldn’t work – the antenna lead had been cut in half. I figured our yard guy must have accidentally severed it with a hoe. Since the lead’s coaxial, splicing and wrapping it with […]


Homicidal Maniacs

I was hoping something would happen to shift the media’s attention away from Imus. Another Britney meltdown, a runaway bride, something like that. But nothing like the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech.

In the wake of the Columbine High School shootings, it became more difficult for kids to be different, at least in dark ways. […]


My One & Only Imus Post

Could there possibly be a scrap of flesh left on Imus’ bones? Apparently so, because the media’s still munching on ’em. If the British press, with its fixation on the Royals, weren’t even worse than ours, I’d be embarrassed to be an American.

Shame on every newsperson and news outlet that gave the story more […]


Blogging Dearth

Yeah, yeah, more dearth. My dad is gravely ill and I’ve been visiting him in Missouri. I’ll start posting entries again soon, I promise. I might even blog about my dad, if he doesn’t mind.