Air-Minded: A Matter of Some Gravity

Here’s a way to think about pulling Gs and why it hurts: if you weigh 200 pounds, at 9 Gs you’ll weigh 1,800 pounds. Consider that for a moment. Ready for your centrifuge ride?

Fighter pilots have been battling GLOC — G-induced loss of consciousness — since at least WWII, when airplanes began to […]


Saturday Family Blogging

This week saw two family milestones: our son Gregory Charles Isaac, born March 10, 1966, turned 41; our daughter Polly Catherine Marie, born March 16, 1975, turned 32.

Gregory & Polly, Scheveningen, The Netherlands, 1981

Happy birthday, kids, and congratulations!



On Second Thought . . .

Toward the end of my military career, US Air Force Chief of Staff General Merrill McPeak instituted a host of changes. He was one of those egomaniacs who, put into a position of great power, are compelled to change everything.

He killed Strategic Air Command. He made us rewrite every USAF regulation because he didn’t […]


The Dumbing Down of Virtually Everything (Part VI)

One tries to ignore pop culture, but it seeps through. Now Maine lobster and Chad have joined forces with the Ma Na Ma Na song to take over my brain.

A seafood chain (Red Lobster, or is it Joe’s Crab Shack?) is advertising Maine lobster tail. Say what? What happened to the claws, antennae, head, […]


Saturday Bike Blogging

Saturday, 7:20 am: the bikes are loaded in the back of the truck and we’re ready to head out for a morning ride (no, we don’t just ride in the truck – we drive to an agreed-upon meeting place, and then we ride the bikes).

Here’s a photo from an earlier ride:

Paul, Donna, […]


Train Crazy

My friends Darrell and Mary Anne took me on a garden train tour yesterday, an organized event where train nuts in and around Tucson put their outdoor G Gauge (G for garden, I guess) railroad setups on display. I visited three different homes; there were at least eight on the tour but I didn’t have […]