Sunday Photo Blogging

Because. Just because.

I meant to post this photo back in December, right after we visited my kid sister Cecelia in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She designs and paints tiles, and we hope to commission her to make a couple of tiles for us (you thought only rich people commissioned art!):

Last weekend […]


Eat the Rich (Part I)

Why am I not surprised?

. . . 18 families worth a total of $185.5 billion have financed and coordinated a 10-year effort to repeal the estate tax, a move that would collectively net them a windfall of $71.6 billion.

The report profiles the families and their businesses, which include the families behind Wal-Mart, Gallo […]


A Traumatic Event

Is it time for a bad vein update? I suppose it is. The surgeries are complete and barring new vascular problems I should be fine. All told, I had three surgeries in three months: separate endovenous laser procedures on veins in my right and left thighs, and another operation to clamp off perforated ladder veins […]


Border Vigilantism & Logical Outcomes

During the last few days stories about armed groups shooting and killing illegal immigrants have begun to appear on TV and in local newspapers. Stories like this. Here’s another.

The media seem determined to sooth us by describing these armed groups as “bandits,” perhaps rival gangs of immigrant smugglers fighting each other. As in this […]


Saturday Face Blogging

Enough with cat & dog blogging. Let’s talk about me!

I found a new way to enjoy hours and hours of self-referential absorbtion . . . and you can do it too, at the Face Transformer.

Here’s the photo I started with, my unaltered visage:

My favorite is El Greco’s Bearded Man […]