When you ride over a nail on a motorcycle, the front tire flips it pointy-end up, perfectly positioned to penetrate the rear tire. I nailed a rear tire about a month ago, and a good friend loaned me a nearly-new tire to replace it. I hadn’t ridden more than 20 miles on the replacement tire […]


Lagging the Fight

You wouldn’t know it, but I’ve been pretty busy with this blog, learning WordPress and tweaking the format. Oh, and reconstructing my other blog from scratch after screwing up the original (soon to be abandoned). But a blogging dearth is a blogging dearth, and I’ll try to make up for it. I promise.


Voter ID

I posted this to another blog on May 16, 2006, right after a futile attempt to vote in an Arizona special election. This voter ID shit isn’t about keeping illegal aliens from voting. It’s about keeping minorities, the elderly, and the poor from voting (pdf file) – in a word, Democrats. And today, I am […]


End Times: Sign # 32

You want to whinge about living in a politically correct society? Boys, you should live in Norway!

Credit where credit’s due: Boing Boing.


Cookin’ Under Pressure

Okay, it’s pressure cookin’, but no pressure to prepare. And it’s real down-home comfort food, like mama used to make.

Pressure Cooker Pot Roast


1 tbs olive or vegetable oil 3 lb pot roast salt & pepper, to taste 3 cups beef stock 1 lb small redskin potatos (cleaned but not peeled) […]


Booming. Just Booming, Thank You.

Donna turned 60 on May 23rd; I’ll turn 60 October 31st. We’re first-year baby boomers. That means we’re the snout of the pig in the python, which is a good thing seeing as how we stand a better chance of reclaiming the money we paid into Social Security than boomers at the tail.

Turning 40 […]