Creationism’s Face

This is revealing:

“If the town complains and says no, the committee can ask the principal or the director of teachers to approach the teacher and say, ‘Look, this is not the subject to be taught here in this town, or in this place, because we know we have been humans from the beginning, ‘” […]


Spoiler Alert!

We watched The Da Vinci Code last night. They say the critics jeered and laughed at the film when it was shown at Cannes. Okay, maybe it wasn’t brilliant, but it was solid and entertaining. I didn’t hear anyone laughing.

Well, actually, I laughed, but just a little. And only at this one part (stop […]


Two-Wheel Blogging (Part II)

Sometimes it’s nice to be wrong. Turns out Angie’s friend isn’t a flake after all, and there’s nothing wrong with the bike. We drove up to Phoenix this morning, test rode the bike, and trailered it back to Tucson.

Guys have a thing about the size of the wheels on their trailers. Big is manly, […]


The Dumbing Down of Virtually Everything (Part V)

Since I’m working the early shift this month, I get to spend time with Donna in the afternoons. Today, though, we’re doing different things: I’m checking e-mail in the office while she embroiders hash hats in the sewing room. She’s got the TV on in there, listening to Doctor Phil while she works.

And what […]


Two-Wheel Blogging (Part I)

My friend Angie wants to buy a motorcycle and she wants me to help her pick a good one. We’ve been trying to connect with a Phoenix hasher who’s selling a four-year-old Sportster, but every weekend he comes up with another reason we can’t see it. I’m starting to think the guy’s a flake or […]


Folding My Hand

If you ride, you’re probably a poker run veteran. If you’ve never done one, here’s how a typical poker run works: you pay an entry fee, grab your ride pin, route map, and first card, then motor to four designated stops, collecting additional cards. At the final stop, the rider with the best poker hand […]


Saturday Dearth Blogging

After months of house-painting indecision (do it ourselves/do it ourselves with help from friends/hire a professional housepainter), we opted for the pro. It was a costly decision, but the right one. After watching the paint crew at work, we now realize just how much is involved in painting a house, and in particular, painting a […]