Sunday Puppy Blogging

Okay, just one more puppy entry, then I’ll quit.

Winner, Most Endearing Creature Contest

Schatzi’s been here a week and a day. My life now centers around doggy doo. But, hey, who says housebreaking a puppy has to be drudgery? Oh, yeah . . . everybody. Still, it’s remarkable how much progress she’s made. […]


Vermin (Part II)

He’s back. With bells on.

For the past few months, we’ve been storing our daughter’s car behind the garage. Every couple of weeks I start it and let the engine run for half an hour. Last night, at a party, a friend tells me I shouldn’t just run the engine, I should actually drive the […]


Saturday Puppy Blogging

My wife and children, in great secrecy, went in together on a present for my upcoming birthday. I think I’ll call her Schatzi.

Schatzi, first day

Is she cute or what? I have a feeling this won’t be her last appearance on the blog.



Copping an Attitude

At the bus barn the other morning, some of the drivers were talking about the recent police beating of Robert Davis in New Orleans. As in “He had it coming,” “You know he was asking for it,” “Too bad the horse didn’t stomp his ass too.”

Okay, so I work with racists. Who doesn’t?

Had […]


Air-Minded: Sunday Flying Blogging

What fun! Went flying with a buddy this morning, a retired USAF lieutenant colonel with a background in B-52s and C-130s. He knows people I flew with, I know people he flew with, and, like me, he was once a headquarters flight safety chief. Running out of things to talk about was never a problem.