Air-Minded: Sunday Flying Blogging

What fun! Went flying with a buddy this morning, a retired USAF lieutenant colonel with a background in B-52s and C-130s. He knows people I flew with, I know people he flew with, and, like me, he was once a headquarters flight safety chief. Running out of things to talk about was never a problem.

We flew from Tucson IAP to an uncontrolled airstrip outside of Benson, Arizona, borrowed the airfield courtesy car for a breakfast run into Benson, then flew back to Tucson, managing to work in a flyover of my house on the way. Nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

Lest you think I’m doing suspiciously well for a school bus driver, he rented the plane, and all I had to do was pay for breakfast and do some of the flying.

For your amusement, a couple of photos:

The other guy was as big as me … a tight squeeze
A grand old bird – note the lubricant catchment reservoirs (if this were a military aircraft, that’s what we would have called them, and we’d have paid some contractor $10,000 per unit)
Donna’s in the back yard reseeding our grass, but we couldn’t get low enough to catch that level of detail, nor did she notice us circling overhead

While I was taking photos of our neighborhood, Flying Booger, my hashing alter ego, was scoping out utility rights of way, shortcuts, game trails, and hidden washes … I have a feeling the next time he hares we’re going to end up at Casa de Booger.

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  • 8 Yellow Snow 10/02/05 8:06 AM


    That is just plane scary. You should be brought up for a Down Down for Aero Scouting.

    ON ON
    8 Yellow Snow

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