Air-Minded: All I Ever Needed to Know

This entry was posted by my co-blogger Dick, a writer and former squadron mate:

For the record, I was in the pit of Stormy’s F-15 when Paul flew his flight lead check out of Soesterberg, like in 1981 or there abouts. That mission told me all I needed to know about Skid. Yeah, he had […]


Searches and Sacrifice

I want to comment on two articles I read in the New York Times.

The first article is about random bag searches in NYC subway stations:

Privacy Rights Are at Issue in New Policy on Searches

As the New York Police Department begins randomly checking the bags and backpacks of people entering the city’s subway […]


How Long?

Yesterday was the day the Defense Department, under court order, was supposed to release the rest of the Abu Ghraib photos and videos – the really bad ones (which we all just can’t wait to see). But the government refused to turn them over and is filing new appeals, arguing that their release will threaten […]


Air-Minded: Standing Up

Several years ago, when I was chief of flight safety for one of the USAF’s major air commands, I was ordered to interfere in an ongoing major aircraft mishap investigation. My mission was to shift the investigation from the track it was on (the right one) to another track (a false one).

Some explanations are […]


London, Again

I should know better than to pontificate on terrorism within hours of a terrorist attack, as I did in my 7/7 entry, below.

For example, writing about beheading Al Qaeda by taking out Osama bin Laden: what the hell do I know? This particular snake may very well live on without a head. And yet […]


Thinking About Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda attacked the USA in 1993 (the first World Trade Center bombing), 1998 (the simultaneous bombing of our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania), 2000 (the bombing of the USS Cole in Aden), and 2001 (the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington DC). Al Qaeda attacked Bali (and through Bali, Australia) in 2002. […]